Subsea Production Umbilical Database

The Quest Subsea Production Umbilical Database (QSPUD) sheds light on historical and forecasted trends within the subsea production umbilical (SPU) market. Quest provides a five-year rolling forecast of SPU awards by region and umbilical type, and provides the forecast in volume, value metrics and U.S. dollars. Quest also provides insight on the leading oil companies driving demand and a thorough analysis of manufacturers supplying product to the market. Analysis within the product includes: five-year rolling forecast of global awards, operator-manufacturer relationships driving supply and demand and market share of the major SPU manufacturers globally. The QSPUD is released quarterly and includes an MS PowerPoint Market Overview, current downloads of the database in MS Excel and all working data supporting the Market Overview.


  • Illustrates global demand trends for the subsea production umbilical (SPU) market
  • Delineates market into steel-tubed and thermoplastic-hosed SPU demand
  • Analyzes market in terms of volume (KM) and value (US$MM)
  • Provides comprehensive market share analysis of historical global awards


  • Market Overview in MS PowerPoint of key trends and forecasts
  • Full working files in MS Excel supporting Market Overview
  • Full downloads of historic and forecast subsea production umbilical database


Market Forecast of Subsea Production Umbilical Capex by Award Year

  • Top operators classified by their historic and forecast demand
  • Comparison of region demand based on historical and forecasted SPU awards
  • Includes comparison between steel and thermoplastic SPU’s for each region

Subsea Production Umbilical Forecast Awards

  • Kilometers of SPU awarded (historical and forecast) vs. number of trees awarded (historical and forecast)
  • Comparison between hemispheres based on SPU awards in kilometers and equivalent US$
  • Illustration of dynamics between steel and thermoplastic demand within the SPU market historically and in the next five years.

Historical Umbilical Market Share

  • Market share of SPU manufacturers
  • Regional Comparison between hemispheres based on historical-todate awards
  • Steel vs. thermoplastic comparison

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