Pipeline Prospective

The Quest Pipeline Prospective (QPP) provides in-depth information on the global deepwater pipeline market, including both historical and forecasted projects. Quest provides a five-year forecast of flowline and export line activity with a view towards the length, size, properties and installation of each line. The QPP also includes a quarterly market analysis report that provides examination of the prevailing trends driving the offshore, deepwater pipeline market. Included is a breakdown of global and regional demand forecasts, historical versus forecast market growth projections, and other metrics of interest. The QPP is released quarterly and includes an MS PowerPoint Market Overview, current downloads of the database in MS Excel and all working data supporting the Market Overview.


  • Illustrates global demand for deepwater flowline and pipeline installation and SURF projects
  • Breaks market down into outer diameter ranges aligned with installation asset capabilities
  • Analyzes demand associated with subsea projects, export lines and large transmission lines
  • Detailed data includes location, pipeline specs, length, installation contractors and milestone dates


  • Market Overview in MS PowerPoint of key trends and forecasts
  • Full working file in MS Excel supporting Market Overview
  • Full downloads of historic and forecast deepwater pipeline and flowline database


Kilometers of flowline installed worldwide

  • Provides Base, Mean, and High Six-Year Forecast Cases
  • Historical Analysis from 2002 onward.
  • Outside Diameter Analysis: 0-14”, 1519”, 20-24”, 25”+
  • Rigid Steel and Flexible Analysis

Comparison of hemispheres and provinces based on historical and forecasted flowline projects

  • Base, Mean, and High Normalized Case Six-Year Forecasts
  • Historical Analysis from 2002 onward
  • Outside Diameter Analysis per Hemisphere: 0-14”, 15-19”, 20-24”, 25”+
  • Demand Allocation: Global Demand Allocation by Kilometer
  • Demand Growth: Historical v. Forecast Five-Year Period

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