Marine Construction Vessels

The Quest Marine Construction Vessels (QMCV) Analysis provides a detailed overview of the global marine construction market and is specifically focused on the high-specification assets currently serving the industry. Included in the QMCV is the Quest Construction Vessel Schedule (CVS), which is a forward-looking overview of which projects are being bid, or have been won, on a vessel-by-vessel basis, illustrated in MS Project. The CVS provides insight into the future utilization and / or availability of the industry’s highly sought after installation assets. Also included in the QMCV is a monthly market overview detailing forecast utilization trends, global and regional market shares by vessel class, and historical utilization (back to 2003). The QMCV is released monthly and includes an MS PowerPoint Market Overview with over 100 exhibits, the QCVS in Adobe PDF and MS Project, and the Quest Vessel Contract Commitments Database in MS Excel. The Quest Vessel Supply Capabilities Database is also available for purchase separately.


  • Provides global insight into supply and demand dynamics of major marine construction assets
  • Illustrates vessel-by-vessel schedule for over 125 assets of booked and bidding construction work
  • Details strategic installation and construction capabilities of a wide range of marine assets


  • Quest Construction Vessel Schedule in MS Project and PDF (QCVS)
  • Quest Construction Vessel Schedule PLUS (MS Excel)
  • Quarterly Market Overview of key trends and forecasts (MS PowerPoint)
  • Quarterly deliverable of the Quest Vessel Function Database (MS Excel)


Construction Vessel Schedule (MS-Project or PDF format)

  • Details over 125 vessels’ current commitments and schedule and includes detailed information on project, timing and scope of work
  • Shows potential installation opportunities

Construction Vessel Schedule PLUS (MS Excel)

  • Combines data from Quest Construction Vessel Schedule with high level fields from the Quest Enhanced Deepwater Database
  • Allows analysis to be performed around installation trends at the vessel, owner, and capability level due to the user friendliness of MS Excel

Market Report Overviews

  • Global Marine Construction Supply and Demand Balance
  • Marine Contractor Market Share
  • Global Marine Construction Booked Demand – Installation Days
  • Historical Utilization by vessel category

Quest Vessel Function Database (QVFDB)

  • Includes high level vessel specifications for each vessel tracked in the Quest Construction Vessel Schedule and more (details over 200 vessels)

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