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On October 3, 2017, Gulf Publishing Company and Quest Offshore Resources announced  the formation of Gulf Quest LLC for the joint operation of offshore conferences, including the leading global deepwater technology event, MCE Deepwater Development (MCEDD).

John Royall, President & CEO of Gulf stated, “The global industry needs one place to meet and discuss challenges and solutions for operators in deepwater, especially in the current industry climate. With its superior technical content and history of support from the major operators, MCEDD offers that meeting place.”

Additional offshore events will be developed by Gulf Quest, according to Royall and Chadderdon, with an eye on deepwater markets that will benefit from information on new technologies and new ways of operating.

The Gulf Quest board includes Chadderdon and Royall, Andy McDowell, Vice President and Publisher of World Oil, Paul Hillegeist, President of Quest Offshore Resources, and Chris Barton, Sr. Vice President Offshore for Wood Group.

Since the announcement, Gulf Quest has introduced the inaugural Deepwater Executive Summit held on November 8, 2018 at The Westin Houston, Memorial City Hotel. 

Both Operator and Service Company executives involved in the global deepwater industry will be joining the unique Deepwater Executive Summit event, as it should represent an ideal opportunity for networking, learning about what others have to say about the evolving deepwater industry, and sharing valuable and unique insights. 

The goal of the Deepwater Executive Summit is to facilitate moving the industry forward through shared learnings, best practices, and networking amongst industry leaders.


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