Floating Rig Commitments

The Quest Floating Rig Commitments Report delineates the market dynamics between floating rig supply and demand globally. This database contains over 350 floating rigs in the global supply inclusive of newbuilds currently under construction. Database information fields include contractual commitments, drilling assignments, day rates and rig design specifications. Rigs are categorized by current status: working, contracted not working, stacked, undelivered newbuilds

The QFRC Quarterly Overviews are distributed in Microsoft PowerPoint Slides containing charts and analysis for offshore drilling with floating rig supply and total well demand globally. Working data files in MS Excel are included with quarterly overviews.


  • Identifies global and regional deepwater exploration, appraisal and development well drilling demand
  • Details global and regional floating rig supply, including existing fleet and newbuild units
  • Illustrates “gap” analysis between global well demand and floating rig supply


  • Monthly snap-shot of Quest Floating Rig Commitments in MS Excel
  • Quarterly market overview outlining key forecast trends in MS PowerPoint


Global Drilling Activity

  • Current Drilling Activity by Well Type (Exploration, Appraisal, Development)
  • Most active Operators currently drilling with Floating Rigs
  • Global Floating Rig Supply & Total Well Demand

Quarterly Regional Activity

  • Current Drilling Activity by Well Type (Exploration, Appraisal, Development)
  • Percentage of rigs working by provinces within the region
  • Supply and Demand by Region – five‑year forecast
  • Average Day-rates among top five operators in region

Floating Rig Analysis

  • Twelve Month Utilization by Region & Global Comparison
  • Floating Rig Supply to 2018 (Contracted vs. Spec Rigs)
  • Newbuild Deliveries out to 2018
  • Operators with Newbuilds ordered
  • Stacked Rigs by Type
  • Top 10 Operators with Floating Rigs contracted

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