As experts on the deepwater Supply Chain, Quest Offshore Consulting continues its established Latin America practice, servicing clients involved in growth opportunities within upstream oil & gas in Mexico, Brazil and the mid-Atlantic basin, providing advisory & analysis to help energy businesses, government agencies and the O&G supply chain make strategic data-driven decisions led by both qualitative and quantitative research. 

Clients engage Quest Offshore Consulting from all business areas involved in offshore oil and gas including operators, governments, contractors, financial firms, engineering firms, supply chain companies, trade groups, and law firms. We assist companies engaging in new market areas and regions seeking to understand the competitive landscape, current and future pricing environment, as well as analytics on the global supply chain.

Project Resume Highlights

Quest Offshore’s Consulting Division has successfully aided numerous strategic transactions in upstream oil and gas providing business advisory and M&A market due diligence services. Quest has completed projects for private equity firms, debt providers, industrial conglomerates, operators and service companies across a wide variety of subjects.

  • A private equity company engaged Quest to perform market due diligence on a transaction related to the potential divestiture of the marine construction and diving division of a large oilfield service company. Quest analyzed the potential demand for this company’s services in addition to varied market expansion strategies as well as the competitive outlook for the new contractor. Quest also provided a market-based valuation of the assets involved in the spin-off and an outlook for further consolidation and newbuilding activity amongst potential competitors.
  • A private equity company retained Quest to perform due diligence as part of their evaluation for an investment in a contractor focused on intervention, completion and abandonment tooling for subsea wells. The outlook for these activities in the Gulf of Mexico and select international areas. Quest prepared a report forecasting demand for the companies’ services and highlighting emerging trends such as the increase of non-drilling activity in these markets which was instrumental in the completion of the transaction despite reduced oil prices.
  • A large industrial conglomerate considering a strategic investment in an oil services company that is focused on the marine and drilling sector engaged Quest to provide a detailed due diligence report on both the company’s current operations and future business strategies. Quest provided a detailed report on the outlook for the company’s main business lines. Analysis included a projection of demand levels for several new business lines and forecasts of fleet utilization rates and revenues.
  • An investment advisor focused on specialty financing engaged Quest to provide market due diligence in order to support the debt financing needed to spin-off the construction vessel division from a major offshore EPC company. Quest provided niche-specific market forecasts and demand information, competitive outlooks, qualitative market information and day-rate forecasts as part of a comprehensive due diligence report which supported the successful close of the transaction.
  • A major industrial conglomerate considering an investment strategy in new technologies that utilized carbon fiber composite materials engaged Quest to provide a comprehensive analysis of the market potential for these products. Quest analyzed various potential uses for these materials including pipelines, risers and tendons and provided a project, spending and tonnage outlook to the client. In addition to the market demand metrics, Quest outlined the supply chain characteristics and competitive outlook for these materials.
  • A major steel company engaged Quest to analyze the offshore OCTG market and define the company’s best available strategy for entering into a new product type within the space. Quest provided analysis of a granular market historical and forecasted demand projections (by tonnage, diameter, length, product type, and field type) as well as providing a comprehensive competitive analysis, from which several recommendations for market entry strategies were made. The company elected to move forward with an expansion.
  • A major oil and gas original equipment manufacturer engaged Quest to assist with forecasting demand for high pressure and high temperature subsea equipment and aid in the formulation of the company’s strategy for this sector. By utilizing technical data on existing wells and modeled pressure and temperatures for future developments, Quest was able to provide a detailed report on the outlook for the HP/HT market as well as trends in equipment demand on a regional, operator-specific, and pressure and temperature environment basis. This report allowed the OEM contractor to make an informed decision on research and development as well as manufacturing capacity.


Mission Statement:

Strategy and consulting towards the advancement and development of all offshore energy sources from fossil fuels to alternatives and renewables.

  • Economic Impact Studies for Governments
  • Floating Wind, Wave and Solar
  • Introducing Foreign Sellers to U. S. Private Equity
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis


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Consulting Highlights

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Company Type Description
Buy Side Investment Firm Comprehensive Investor Briefing Book
Capital Investment Firm Global Pipeline Insulation Report
Engineering Contractor / Independent Oil Company Floating Production Unit Replacement Cost Analysis
Equipment Supplier Comprehensive Floating Rig Market Equipment Study
Flexibles & Umbilical Contractor Analysis of Industry Decision Centers Related to Forecast Demand
Forensic Accountant Analysis of Regulatory Impacts
FPS Contractor Global FPS Market Study with an emphasis on FPSO’s
FPS Contractor Report on the Market for FPS Moorings
FPS Designer Global Market Study for Novel FPS Design
Independent Oil Company Multi-Project Component and Total Cost/Reserve Analysis
Independent Oil Company Acquisition Target Asset Analysis
Industry Lobby Group Analysis of Economic Impact of Offshore Industry
Industry Lobby Group Testimony before U.S. House Committee
Industry Lobby Group Analysis of Regulatory Impacts on the Offshore Industry
Industry Lobby Group Regional Specific Economic Analysis of Increased Access to Oil and Gas Resources
International Chemicals Company Global Pipeline Insulation Report
International Chemicals Company Global Pipeline Insulation Report
International Joint Venture FPS Leasing Cost Benchmarking Study
International Marine Contractor Regionally-specific Report on Local Offshore Production & Development
Major International Oil Company Offshore Pipeline Pigging Study
Major International Oil Company Gulf of Mexico Field Development Study
Major International Oil Company Marine Construction Vessel Utilization Report
Major International Oil Company FPS Fabrication Yard Report
Major International Oil Company Subsea Equipment Pricing Study
Major International Oil Company Deepwater Equipment Cost Indices
Major International Oil Company Hind-cast Trends in Marine Construction Asset Day Rates
Major International Oil Company Analysis of Current and Future Subsea Technology Applications
Major International Oil Company Forecast Marine Construction Asset Day Rate Model
Major International Oil Company Deepwater Reserve & Production Analysis
Major International Oil Company Customized FPS Cost Report
Major International Oil Company Project Specific Equipment Cost Outlook
Major National Law Firm Contract Dispute Research and Analysis, Expert Witness Service
Major Shipyard Government Required Cost Benefit Analysis
Major Supply Chain Company Major Global Future Subsea Applications Study
Marine Construction Contractor Global Market Study and Quarterly Earnings Support
Marine Construction Contractor Global SURF Installation Spending Report
Marine Construction Contractor Market Outlook and Business Plan Support
Marine Construction Contractor Newbuild Vessel Study
Marine Construction Contractor Subsea Equipment Trends Study/Business Plan Support
Marine Construction Contractor Newbuild Vessel Cost Analysis
Marine Construction Contractor Newbuild Vessel Study/Business Plan Support
Marine Construction Contractor Gulf of Mexico Platform Abandonment Report
Marine Construction Contractor Vessel Analysis and Contract Targeting Study
Private Equity Investor Engineering Firm Capabilities Report
Private Equity Investor Newbuild Pipelay/Construction Valuation and Market Study
Private Equity Investor Detailed Supply & Demand Analysis for all SURF Components
Private Equity Investor Supply Key Market Data for Investment Decisions
Private Equity Investor Comprehensive Analysis of Market Opportunities for Niche Player
Steel Supplier Regionally-specific Analysis of Large Diameter Pipeline Demand
Steel-tube Supplier Regionally-specific Analysis of Deep and Ultra Deepwater Steel Demand
Steel-tube Supplier Detailed Global SURF Project CAPEX Analysis
Subsea Contractor Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Flying Leads Report
Subsea Contractor Report on the Global Plug and Abandonment Market
Umbilical Contractor Forecast of Gulf of Mexico Intervention Market
Umbilical Contractor Umbilicals and Subsea Hose Study
Umbilical Contractor Global Competitive Analysis
Umbilical Contractor Report on the Market for Steel Tubes in Umbilicals
Umbilical Contractor Report on the Market for Steel Tubes in Umbilicals
Umbilical Contractor Analysis of Industry Trends and Demand Forecast
Umbilical Contractor Analysis of Industry Trends and Demand Forecast


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